You are not alone – the third workshop “Psychisch fit studieren”

On the second of June, the workshop “Psychisch fit studieren - which translates to “studying mentally fit”- was held by the Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V. organization. Questions like “how can I successfully manage my studies with mental health issues?” or “where can I find help during a mental health crisis?” were discussed. The participants could exchange experiences and received practical help and ideas on how personal boundaries can be protected. The workshop showed that it is possible to successfully graduate from university despite mental health issues and that you are not alone in your struggles.

The participants could give feedback after the workshop on how they liked it. Multiple stated, that the ideas of coping strategies (blue bar) and the information on how to get support were most helpful (pink bar). During the workshop, topics were discussed that aren’t often broached, like self-deprecation, which was received as positive and helpful. Participants mentioned that the comfortable atmosphere of the workshop was especially helpful for open and honest conversations (red bar). And the bottom line is: nobody is alone with their problems, and you don’t have to deal with them on your own.


We are happy that you found the workshop helpful and wish you the best for your future studies!

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Workshop “Psychisch fit studieren” (Studying mentally fit)

Studying poses different challenges for us. Besides exams, essays, and performance pressure, students are confronted with personal problems in their everyday life as well – either exam nerves, financial trouble, problems with flatmates, lovesickness or the special obstacles of the coronavirus pandemic. Especially, young people often experience that single problems concentrate into long-term stress and complicate their studies. The good news are: you can tackle these difficulties and even actively prevent them!

The online forum “Psychisch fit studieren” which was given by Irrsinnig Menschlich e.V. on 21 May addressed exactly this topic. A psychologist and an honorary staff member explained facts about mental health problems in an interactive way and even shared personal experiences. Together with the participants they gathered multiple ways to practice self-care and mind mental health. Thereby, they also raised awareness for the services of the university and HTWG, like
An important message of this event was that openness is an important factor in dealing with personal crises. Unfortunately, mental health problems are still strongly stigmatized in our society which hinders many of those affected to talk about their problems.
Reports by affected persons show: who deals with his problems openly, experiences understanding and learns that people around them often have similar troubles and fears. Therefore, we want to encourage you to oppose the stigma and to use help services if you are not well.
We were very happy that so many of you joined us and that it was such a positive and appreciative atmosphere. Thank you! And since there was such a good resonance for this event, we are planning to offer this workshop in the next semesters for students in Konstanz.
By the way, Irrisinnig Menschlich e.V. has put together helpful tips for you, check out their site :

We wish you a successful semester and much (mental) health on your way,
Your Nightline Konstanz